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Cherokee Trip Update 3

Monday: Mr. Lenix opened us up with morning devotions further in Luke chapter 10. He touched on the conversation between Martha and Jesus and emphasized the importance of caring for one's neighbor. Once devotionals finished, we raced off to our posts. The first day of soccer camp was extremely exciting. Even though it was close to scorching, the kids kept wonderful attitud...

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Cherokee Trip Update 2

An early start and a hearty breakfast kick-started the second day of our Cherokee missions trip. The itinerary for the day involved visiting a small local church somewhere in town. For Redeemer Presbyterian, the church was YellowHillaround a 10 minute drive from the camp. Our number doubled the service attendees. Before we knew it, the hymnals were open and the youth str...

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Cherokee Trip Update 1

After a 9-hour drive we arrived at the camp, greeted by the warm and welcoming camp staff as well as a delicious meal of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and peach cobbler. Once we ate our fill, surveyed the cabins, and settled in, the group gathered in the community building at the bottom of the hill. One of the cabins at Cherokee Scott Hill, the pastor of the PCA chu...

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Prayer Requests for the Cherokee Trip

Cherokee Mission Trip Prayer Requests June 16-23, 2018 The Participants Chuck Terri Carter David Clark The Dodl Family Ken, Kathryn, Jason Barry Ann Durham Gary Laura Heisler The Johnson Family Addie, Adelaide, Evelyn Gloria Jacob Karabin The Manning Family Scott, Vicky, Austin, Logan The Moen Family Mike, Lily, Luke The Rodri...

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Why Do We Livestream?

It was the morning of February 11th, several minutes into the service, and I thought to myself, "No one has joined our live stream today on Facebook. Why am I doing this?" Then, right as the sermon began, someone started watching, and I was reminded why I do it.It only took one person. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Seems like a lot of work for just one person t...

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High School Modgnik Trip 2018

Check out David's blog post and pictures from the Modgnik trip!...

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Morning Verse List

Hi All, Here is a list of verses that I am using as soon as I wake up to reorient myself to who God is and who I am in Christ. I hope it can benefit you too. ...

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Cherokee Mission Update

6/22/17 Our mission trip is going very well and we really feel like we are connecting with the Cherokee people. It is an amazing experience and I hope we can bring more Redeemer folks next time.Im so glad Scott and Jonah (Brixey) could come. A little short handed this year but we are all pulling together to make things work. The COTR Atlanta group is amazing. We are all...

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Sabbatical Updates from Carlos

Sabbatical Updates from Carlos From Carlos, 06/02: I arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday and took a shuttle to Jerusalem this morning. As I was walking to my hotel, not knowing a soul, I suddenly heard a worship song to Jesus being sung faintly behind a wall. I backtracked and walked through a gate and lo and behold, there was a church of Jewish Christians worshipping the Lord...

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From Ken and Darla

Dodl Family.JPG

From Ken, 06/01/17: Dear Redeemer family, You guys are nothing short of amazing! The care and love that you have sacrificially given our family since February...I don't have the words. You have come through our door several times a week with food. You have inquired after Darla and told her that you love her and are praying for her, and given her the space to struggle wit...

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