Cherokee Trip Update 4

Wednesday:  The group gathered in the early morning to start the day off with worship.  Will and Leigh Ellen performed expertly using voice and keyboard, leading the congregation in praise.  Mr. Lenix stood up and gave us a short sermon, again, from Luke 10.  He focused on what it means to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

SAM_0853.JPGAfterwards, it was off to the soccer fields!  It was wonderful to see the kids again and this time, we spent a great deal of time allocating new skills with the soccer ball.  While we were training, however, one of the coaches from our team tripped and sprained her ankle.  Please pray that it heals miraculously and that she will be able to play with us again sometime before the end of the week.

Lunch and free time seemed to fly by. Many Redeemer members returned to the lake and some even went tubing.  Afterwards, it was off to the field again for the evening soccer session.  Wednesday night saw fewer kids than usual but this made things easier to manage and the team members were able to interact with each kid a bit more.  Dark clouds approached the soccer field as the kids played.  Around this time, the team members realized the soccer field was the only spot where there was a break in the clouds and sun was shining brightly.  This created a beautiful scene and I took a couple pictures.  As usual, the kids had great attitudes and played harder and better than most kids would at their age.



The evening session came to a close and the Redeemer North members caravanned to a Cherokee pizza restaurant for dinner where we took a group picture.  It felt so nice to wind down with pizza and conversation.  Once we returned to camp, the Redeemer youth got in a few card games before bed.  Two days left!  Let’s hope they go off without a hitch!
Prayer Requests:
- Pray for Dakota, who woke up with a sore throat that got worse and had to go home early.
- Pray for health among the mission team and the Cherokee camp attendees.  There’s a lot of sicknesses making its way through the Cherokee kids.  We’re here to share the gospel, not the stomach bug.
- Pray for continued energy for the leaders who are working so hard to keep everything running smoothly.
- Pray for protection against injuries for the missionaries and the Cherokee soccer players.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

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