Cherokee Trip Update 5

Thursday: This morning Mr. Lenix gave us a devotional on Luke chapter 6 following the subject of loving one’s neighbor.  He told us a story about a time when it was difficult to love his neighbor.  His next door neighbor was in possession of 15 dogs.  You get the picture.  Even though his neighbor was somewhat difficult to deal with (to say the least) a friend of his called him out and encouraged him to love his neighbor.  When Mr. Lenix finally saw the inside of the house, he felt pity for the family.  ‘At what point does someone look at the state of this home and think,'this is normal'?"  He then reminded us that we as Christians are just like that in our sin.  Without Jesus’s saving grace and the power of the Holy Spirit we are enemies of God content in our sin.  Therefore, we must love and take care of our neighbors no matter what because we are all in the same boat.

At science camp today, Adelaide read the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to the kids.  They found the tension of the fiery furnace quite exciting.  Afterwards they worked on two projects.  The first one involved taping a straw onto the small part of a funnel and blowing into the straw to make a little cotton ball levitate using air.  The kids worked quickly and had a ton of fun.  When that project was finished, they moved on to cup rockets.  These little creations were made using a cup with two rubber bands crisscrossed at the mouth of one cup and then pushing the second cup into the rubber bands to have it project up into the air.  There were competitions to see who could shoot their cup rocket the highest.  It was a “blast”!

Evening soccer camp was compromised due to heavy rain, but we moved into the gym.  The Redeemer team maintained an impressive “the show must go on!” attitude as they set up the cones and ladders for the kids.  Only a handful of kids showed up, but those that did had a wonderful time and at the end of the session they played an impressive game.  Because attendance was so low, a large portion of the Redeemer missionaries left the gym to play their own game of soccer.  Even though I was not on sight, I am pleased to inform the reader that Redeemer VB was the conquering victor!

Tomorrow is the last day!  Pray that the kids have a wonderful time during the cookout and that we are able to leave a lasting impression of the Gospel on their hearts.  Also pray for continued health for the kids and the team members as well as good weather.  We’re almost there guys!  Thank you so much for your prayers, the Lord has been so faithful in protecting us and fitting all the pieces together to fit His perfect plan!  Pray that His will would be done in the hearts of the kids even once we are long gone.  See ‘yall soon!  

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