Congregational Update 2 - COVID-19


Greetings Redeemer, 

I wanted to update you on how we are moving forward in the midst of the challenges created by the coronavirus. As it currently stands, we are not able to use the physical facilities at Lynnhaven Presbyterian Church until further notice. So, we are going to a virtual Sunday service via Facebook Live. Redeemer has been live streaming its Sunday service through Facebook using audio and video for some time. Going forward, this will be the only venue for ‘attending’ our Sunday services until we are cleared to begin physical services.

In addition, I am acutely aware of the importance of Christians coming together to support one other. The Bible tells us not to ‘give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but rather to encourage one another’ (Hebrews 10:25).  During these times, it is important that we continue to draw strength and hope from one another as we seek to follow Jesus Christ. To help facilitate this, Redeemer has purchased an online solution that will allow us to meet and interact with one another using video and audio. Redeemer members and attenders will be able to attend and participate in a variety of different meetings (community groups, worship meetings, adult education, men’s group, etc.) but from the safety of their own home. Below is a schedule of upcoming events as well as how to access them. Visit For the most up to date list of events. 

This method of meeting, though very interactive and engaging, may be quite new for some of you, but I encourage you to overcome inertia and participate! God has given you the church to strengthen and encourage you and God wants to use you to encourage and strengthen others in the church. We are in this together! 

Finally, I am also available to meet with anyone in person or via videoconference. Just let me know by calling me at 757 761-4024 or emailing me at


  • Wednesday Noon Worship:  Wednesday, March 17, 12:00pm.  Join us virtually via video and audio for singing, the reading of the Scriptures and prayer. To join, go to  (Enter early to set up your computer the first time)


  • Durham Community Group: Thursday, March 18, 7:00pm. Whether a longtime member of the group or brand new, join in for video/audio fellowship and a discussion of the sermon. (Enter early to set up your computer the first time)



  • Sunday Adult Education: Sunday March 22, 10:45am. Join in as we gather to discuss the sermon and other topics. (Enter early to set up your computer the first time)


Warmly in Christ,

Pastor Carlos

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