Missionary Update: Jeff Lee

This Email: Instead of telling you about all of the ministry we have been doing this year both in-person and online, I wanted to show you a small sample size of the ministry we've been doing all year. Two more emails will come out this month sharing with you how God has been at work in and through RUF CNU in 2020.

December Donation Goal: My family and ministry would not be thriving, the way they are, without your continued financial support! To make a December 2020 donation just click the "Red Button" under the December Giving Report. All donations are Tax Deductible. Thank you for helping us reach our December Giving Goal of $20,000. 

Photo Collage: Scroll down and see how your prayers and donations have been impacting students for God's glory at CNU!

- Rev. Jeff Lee
December's $20,000 Goal!
  • December Goal: $20,000
  • Donated to Date: $5,140
       Asking & Praying For:  ($14,860)
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*Note About RUF CNU: We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Ministry. All donations are tax-deductible and go 100% to the ministry at CNU. Your donations support the ministry, staff, and family of Rev. Lee. All donors will receive a receipt shortly after their on-line donations have been processed. RUF CNU raises $144,000 a year to meet its annual budget.

Rev. Jeff Lee is both a missionary and an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of America. He has to raise his full salary, family medical benefits, and ministry expenses. Churches and individuals make up RUF CNU's financial support base. 

Monthly Donations (automated) help me balance my budget year to year. Donating monthly stabilizes our budget and enables me to plan thoughtfully throughout the year. If you are able, please consider donating monthly!
Thank you for your prayers & generosity!

Every gift and every prayer enables us to minister efficiently and effectively to this generation.  Your gifts support the Lee Family, the RUF CNU Staff, and all the students involved in RUF at CNU. We are grateful for your partnership with us.