From Ken and Darla

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From Ken,  06/01/17:

Dear Redeemer family,

You guys are nothing short of amazing!  The care and love that you have sacrificially given our family since February...I don't have the words.  You have come through our door several times a week with food.  You have inquired after Darla and told her that you love her and are praying for her, and given her the space to struggle without feeling watched.

The last two and a half months have been very difficult.  The radiation damage to Darla's lower intestines has taken a huge toll and seemed like it would never end.  But things are definitely improving, praise the Lord!  Darla is now sleeping much better and is even able to get out of the house, mostly in the afternoon and evening hours.  She misses church terribly.  But she was able to go to end-of-year school events for the kids, including Kathryn's graduation last weekend!  This was a very specific answer to prayer.  She has been back on her chemotherapy for the last three weeks and her blood work indicates that it is working.  Tumor markers are down and liver function is improved.  Chemo has significant side effects, though, and now that her stomach is calming down a bit they are more noticeable.  Fatigue and dehydration are issues.

Please pray:

  1. That intestinal function would continue to improve,
  2. that chemo would continue to work,
  3. that side effects would be manageable,
  4. that Darla would be able to enjoy summer with her family!  And maybe even travel at some point,
  5. that I (Ken) would learn to trust and rest in the Lord, and walk in obedience to Him,
  6. that Kathryn, Claire, and Jason would have a productive summer with sweet and memorable times with their mom!


Thank you all.  Jesus has truly cared for us through you!