Cherokee Mission Trip

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June 19, 2021 to June 26, 2021

All Day

Location: Cherokee, , NC 28719

Category: Everyone


The Eastern Band of the Cherokee are the remnant of those left behind when their families and friends were removed to Oklahoma in 1838 on the tragic “trail of tears”. From the remnant of 1000, there are now over 15,000 enrolled in the Eastern Band with over 12,000 living on the beautiful Qualla Boundary reservation. Unlike most Native American tribes, the Cherokee believe in only one god, the Great Spirit.


To be a witness for Christ to the Cherokee people. To show them the hope that we have that is in Christ alone. We will fulfill this mission through continuing the annual youth soccer and science camps. These camps allow us the opportunity to show love to the Cherokee youth and their families while also teaching them about Christ through Bible lessons and relationship building. We will be partnering with our sister Redeemer Church from Atlanta again this year.


Our Cherokee motto is “Semper Gumby” or “always flexible” as we must keep our goals aligned with what God would have us accomplish.


Families, Couples, Singles, Seniors, Juniors, and in between. There are opportunities for everyone.


MTW has 50 acres of leased land where they have a cafeteria, screened worship facility, and cabins. There is enough room to support just over 100 people. For those who are more adventurous they also provide tents or RV hookups in case you prefer to camp vs staying in the cabins. There is AC in all the cabins. There are common bathing facilities with showers, and yes there is hot water!.


Saturday Arrival – Get settled in before dinner and an evening program highlighting the Cherokee culture.

Sunday – Attend church service in Cherokee; afternoon is used to visit ministry sites and prepare for the week.

Monday - Friday

  • Breakfast and morning group worship at the campground

  • Head to morning ministry site (Boys and Girls Club Soccer and Science camps)

  • Have lunch at the site with the kids

  • Afternoon break (hang out by the river, enjoy the town, or go take a nap)

  • Fulfill camp duties

  • Afternoon snack and short group meeting

  • Head to evening ministry site

  • Dinner and off to bed

  • On Friday evening there is a closing program/cookout with families that participated in our program through the week.

Saturday Departure – Leave for home Saturday morning after breakfast.

MISSIONARY ROLES (you can serve in multiple roles):

Worship/music: Lead the camp in worship music each morning.

Chief Hydrator: Insure water jugs are filled & transported to and from, clean up.

Fruit Ninjas: Purchase, clean, cut up and serve fruit for all sessions -- soccer and science.

Team doctor/nurse: Provide medical treatment for missionaries and camp participants as needed.

Field Set-up Manager: Responsible for setting up cones, etc for soccer camp drills and play.

Registration and name tags: Sign in campers, greet parents/families, talk with and develop relationships with families who remain at evening camp.


Soccer Coaches and Assistants: Lead groups with instructions from Coach Kerry.

Science camp helpers.

Evening dinner coordinators: Arrange take-out or restaurant reservations for the group.

Team Devotions/counselor/chaplain: Reinforce Bible story, perhaps provide "take-home" information for evening campers, mingle with kids and discuss the Bible Story in groups perhaps during a time-out session.

Equipment Coordinator and helpers: Insure all equipment gets transported, set-up, take-down.

Leader to engage Redeemer Youth during free time.

Chief of Camp Chores: Organize and insure missionaries fulfill chores during camp.

Youth Actors for devotional/bible story.


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