ARISE is a three-year Capital Campaign to position Redeemer for the future, preparing us for opportunities for a permanent home as they are presented by the Lord.



  • Our lease has a 180-day termination clause.
  • The lease provides us with the opportunity to worship, fellowship and meet as a church body, but limits our permanent ministry initiatives in this community.
  • We will be most effective ministering to the Hampton Roads community when we have a permanent, long-term ministry home.



Over the next three years, we will raise $300,000 of initial capital in order to move closer to purchasing, building, or renting our long-term ministry home.

 Givers Amount Annually (3yrs) Monthly Weekly Total 
1 $30,000   $10,000 $833  $192  $30,000 
4 $20,000  $6,666  $556  $128  $80,000 
 $10,000 $3,333 $278  $64  $60,000 
10   $5,000 $1,666  $139  $32  $50,000 
15  $3,000  $1,000  $83  $19  $40,000 
20   $1,500 $500  $42  $10  $30,000 
Other         $10,000 
         TOTAL:  $300,000



PRAY: For us as a church + For our church leaders + For our community + For the Lord to lead and provide for us
PLAN: Seek God’s will for how He would have you participate in making this goal a reality.
PROCEED: Communicate to the Elders or ARISE Committee how you wish to participate in being a part of the ARISE Campaign.

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“One of the best ways we can love and bless our neighbors is by becoming a physical neighbor ourselves. Renting is impermanent and often makes us invisible to those who live nearby. We want to do more than descend into a neighborhood on Sundays to ‘use’ space. We want to be rooted in the fabric of a neighborhood to share space – and be part of advancing the common good for generations to come.”
                                                                             ~ Redeemer Presbyterian NYC

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Listen to the audio of the ARISE launch presentations here!

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Arise Pledge Sheet – Download