The DNA of Redeemer Presbyterian

Why do we exist?  (Our Purpose) 

  • To glorify God and enjoy Him forever

What are we trying to accomplish? (Our Vision)

  • To make mature and equipped disciples used to transform their families, this community, and  the world beyond

How will we accomplish our vision? (Our Mission)

  • Skillfully and respectfully engaging the unchurched where we work, live, and play
  • Attractively exposing the unchurched to God's Word and God's people
  • Sponsoring newcomers into church membership
  • Discipling members in life-on-life, missional discipleship

What is most important to us? (Our Values)

Our "Being" Values

  • We practice Humility by daily choosing to lay down our rights and by considering God and others more important than ourselves.
  • We model Authenticity by choosing not to hide behind masks, but rather to be real, open, and honest with one another as broken people in need of God's grace.
  • We demonstrate Love by reaching outside of our comfort zones to love indiscriminately, regardless of social, economic, or racial status.
  • We exercise Faith by attempting to live and minister in ways that are impossible save for the power of Jesus Christ.
  • We embrace Truth by rigorously seeking out and adhering to the promises and obligations of God's Word.

Our "Doing" Values

  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Equipping (Discipleship)
    - Seminars and Classes

    Discipleship Groups
    - Leadership Training
    - Bible Studies
  • Church Community
    - Fellowship

    Neighborhood Groups
  • Serving
    - Sunday Service

    Church “InReach” Ministry Teams
    - Church “OutReach” Ministry Teams
    - World “OutReach” Ministry Teams
  • Outreach
    Engaging Where We Work, Live, and Play
    Guest Sponsorship
    - Engage Community Events

Want to know more?  We invite you to listen to or watch a series on the distinctives of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. To do so, go to the Sermons page and choose the series entitled "Inquirers’ Seminar."