The DNA of Redeemer Presbyterian

Want to know what Redeemer is about? Here are some core truths that make us who we are!

1.) Why do we exist?  (Our Purpose) 

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Our goal is to lift up the triune God by firmly placing him in the center of all we say and do. The goal of our church is not to make much of ourselves, but rather, to make much of God. Thus, you will see a Sunday worship service that is God centered and God honoring, weekly programs that are faithful to God's Word and Community Groups that are centered on the gospel.

2.) What are we trying to accomplish? (Our Vision)

To make mature and equipped disciples used to transform their families, this community, and  the world beyond

At Redeemer, our people are our program. As we pour the gospel into our people through preaching, teaching and discipling, they are transformed more and more into the likeness of Jesus Christ. We believe that God uses ordinary people to transform the world and believe that God will use us to make everlasting impact in the lives of others.

3.) How will we accomplish our vision? (Our Mission)

  • Skillfully and respectfully engaging unchurched people where we work, live, and play
  • Attractively exposing unchurched people to God's Word and God's people
  • Sponsoring newcomers into church membership
  • Discipling members in life-on-life, missional discipleship

4.) What is most important to us? (Our Values)

  • We practice Humility by daily choosing to lay down our rights and by considering God and others more important than ourselves.
  • We model Authenticity by choosing not to hide behind masks, but rather to be real, open, and honest with one another as broken people in need of God's grace.
  • We demonstrate Love by reaching outside of our comfort zones to love indiscriminately, regardless of social, economic, or racial status.
  • We exercise Faith by attempting to live and minister in ways that are impossible save for the power of Jesus Christ.
  • We embrace Truth by rigorously seeking out and adhering to the promises and obligations of God's Word.