Sabbatical Update from Carlos

Hi all,

Leigh Ellen and I are doing well. She and I just returned from our trip to California and it was a very relaxing and a refreshing spiritual experience. I got to spend a tremendous amount of time hiking in some of Californias state parks and along the coastline. It is quite humbling to stand next to a three hundred foot redwood that is 1400 years old. It gives a sense of the awesomeness of God.

It also has been a tremendous blessing to be able to slow down, and to read and think. I will be leaving for Israel on June 1st for a 14 day trip in which I will not have any company but the Lord. Pray for some intimate spiritual encounters with Him as I walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

Here are a few pictures:

 Carlos Convert

Leigh Ellen and I, and the convertible we rented. Proof that the good guys always get the girl and the car in the end.

Carlos Redwoods 2

A giant redwood tree (named "Parson Jones") that we saw in one of the parks.

Carlos Wine

The wine cellars of the Robert Mondavi vineyards.

Love you all!