Sabbatical Updates from Carlos

Sabbatical Updates from Carlos

From Carlos, 06/02:

I arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday and took a shuttle to Jerusalem this morning. As I was walking to my hotel, not knowing a soul, I suddenly heard a worship song to Jesus being sung faintly behind a wall. I backtracked and walked through a gate and lo and behold, there was a church of Jewish Christians worshipping the Lord. I went inside and was welcomed and worshipped with some Jewish believers. The sermon was in Hebrew but they had a translator.

God is at work all around the world:) going to Galilee tomorrow and will start my hike on Monday

Church Service.JPG

From Carlos, 06/11:

I am doing well. My soul is being refreshed as I hike and pray. I have finished hiking portion and am now in Jerusalem exploring. Here are some pictures:

1. Me at the Synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus told the people that He was the bread of life. 

Synagogue Capernaum

2.  Today, I viewed what the local insiders think is the actual tomb of Christ. It's in a  different location than what the masses are told. It was very moving to be inches from what could be the very place Christ was laid to rest and then resurrected. 

Tomb of Christ